Update on Leave A Light On

April 15, 2020
Update on Leave A Light On

Dear fans!

Just to clarify some questions about the ongoing Leave A Light On live-streams with hopes this round up will answer questions rather than individually emailing due to resource time.

– We cannot control or help with customers internet providers and bandwidth to live stream. If your household is using more than one connection when you watch, it will likely have an effect depending on your individual service speed/bandwidth.

– We have developed and increased our tech, at our own expense and time during this very difficult time, to make the quality and stability better for at home live-streams, which we are satisfied can now better support the large audience we now attract, and we are so thankful for that audience we now reach. That tech will tell us when there is problem this end, which is extremely accurate. Every timed concert is closely monitored by a team so we can see and make decisions. In the case where the problem lies this end, we have then provided customers for that concert a second chance by sending a one time click link or 48 hours to see it to fulfil our promise and ensure this programme delivers the promise of funds to the artist. The admin time to do that is immense as they require individual codes and links to be sent one at a time, so it will never be something we do for every show and something we will only do as a last resort to ensure we fulfil our promise to a ticket buyer.
– We have also offered an exchange to another show if a livestream failed for a long amount of time. We have used this exchange to keep the goodwill and continued support from audiences when people really do seem to have not been able to watch the livestream. However, it seems this offer is now getting abused so we will be looking to stop that offer.
– We recognise many of you support multiple artists; you are wonderful for doing that. However, if your problems with connection have been persistent in viewing concerts that we are not seeing tech failings, our advice is don’t buy a ticket until you absolutely confident with your internet home use can support the streaming. We don’t want customers to be upset and angry if we cannot provide a suitable answer and sadly we just don’t have the time to communicate at length as our resource is stretched as it is.
-Regarding ongoing questions on Live-streams performed. We can confirm we are closing off all communication regarding events taken place from yesterday date (14th April). We are satisfied we have met the obligations required to provide the announced concerts or dealt with issues surrounding a live stream sufficiently. If you have any outstanding questions or queries, this link should help you seek an answer.

As ever many thanks for the overwhelming positive response and the ongoing support of this programme – we are thrilled to be continuing them!

Please all continue to support, enjoy, keep safe and please know our promise to provide entertainment to our audience and support to our industry remains at the top of our priority.

Keep safe all and All That Jazz
The Theatre Café Team