Q&A With The Cast: Stevie Doc & Tobias Turley – Sophie and Sky in MAMMA MIA!

February 21, 2024
Q&A With The Cast: Stevie Doc & Tobias Turley – Sophie and Sky in MAMMA MIA!

Stevie Doc and Tobias Turley won the ITV television show MAMMA MIA! I Have A Dream landing themselves leading roles, Sophie and Sky, in the hit musical MAMMA MIA! in London’s West End.

Week after week they wowed the judges on national television securing their places in the grand final at London’s home of MAMMA MIA!, the Novello Theatre.

Stevie and Tobias were kind enough to spend their time answering some of our questions, giving us an insight into their life and experiences at MAMMA MIA!

 Q: What were you most nervous about when filming started for MAMMA MIA! I Have A Dream?

 S: Theatre isn’t usually recorded so the thought of messing up and knowing that it could be replayed for the rest of my life was a wee bit scary! 

 T: The thing that made me most nervous about the show, was just how large and vulnerable of a platform it was. I knew lots of people would be watching and I would be so open to everyone’s opinions and criticism. But thankfully the reception of the show and myself was lovely.

 Q: Where were you when you found out you were going to be on the TV show, describe that moment for us?

 S: I was in TKMaxx! I had to run out of the shop and was trying not to scream on the escalator! I cried and FaceTimed my dad straight away. 

 T: I got the call when I was sat alone in my flat. I remember being in complete disbelief, and then getting straight on the phone to my mum. I was in shock.

 Q: What would you tell your 2024 self?

 S: I didn’t do Musical Theatre 10 years ago so I think telling my 12 year old self that I’d be winning a TV show to star in a musical would be pretty confusing!

 T: I would say that you’re going to be so proud of yourself. All the time and practise really does pay off. Just stick the course and be yourself.

 Q: What was your first experience of MAMMA MIA!?

 S: I remember watching the film at my friends house with her family when it first came out. It was winter and I just remember how much fun it looked like they were all having in the sun while we were cuddled up hiding away from the cold.

 T: It would have to be the first movie when I was a kid, my family was a big fan so I remember watching it a lot.

 Q: What is your favourite moment in the show?

 S: My favourite moment would probably be during Thank You For The Music. It’s the first time Sophie meets all the dads and they have a wee sing song. 

 T: My favourite moment in the show is probably ‘Voulez-Vous’ it’s such a fun number with great choreography.

 Q: What has the rehearsal process been like for you?

 S: It was so fun! The creative team and cast made us feel so welcome. We had a short time to do it but the best time! 

 T: The rehearsals were intense, we had a lot to learn and not a lot of time to learn it in. But it was a very safe environment and we actually had alot of fun. The rest of the cast were so welcoming to us and very helpful giving us a little nudge in the right direction every now and again.

 Q: What were the biggest challenges you faced in the TV show, and has it helped you with these next steps in your career?

 S: I struggled with Trustfall. It was absolutely freezing and being cold + being nervous is not a good combination! The show really helped me learn to control my nerves I think. I definitely still get nervous but I deal with it better now. 

 T: I think the hardest thing for me on the tv show was how quick the turn around was between episodes. We would only have a couple of days to learn the song for the week, the choreo and everything else that goes with it. And do the workshop, interviews etc. in that time. It really was a tight schedule so we had to be on the ball all the time.

 Q: Do you have any idols, tell us about their impact on you as a performer?

 S: I have been obsessed with Samantha Barks career for years. She is an absolute icon and if my career is anything like hers, I’ll be a very happy girl. 

 T: I have a few idols I look up to, in regards to acting I absolutely idolise Matthew McConaughey. I find his acting absolutely mesmerising, I will watch absolutely anything he is in. Andrew Garfield aswell, he has a career path that I would give anything to replicate. He has such a presence both on stage and screen. I have to mention Jamie Muscato aswell, he is so versatile and his voice is just incredible. If I could be anything like him that would be lovely.

 Q: What would you want to see made into a West End musical, and who would you cast in it?

 S: Tangled!! It’s already a musical in Disney World and I’d absolutely love to see it on the West End! 

 T: Ooh this is a great question, I mean there are so many movies just waiting to be made into musicals. ‘Four Weddings and a Funeral’, ‘Sing Street’ just to name a couple. Also maybe the music of Michael Buble could be turned into a Jukebox of some sort. I love his music so much and think it would work very well.

 Q: What are your top 3 standout moments from the whole MAMMA MIA! experience so far?

 S: Our very first day filming and everyone realising how far we had come! The live final and of course my West End and professional debut! 

 T: My first stand out moment would have to be our opening night. The reaction from the crowd was absolutely unforgettable. The roof nearly lifted off the theatre. If I’m honest the entirety of my time in Greece is a standout moment, but my performance of ‘Love is an Open Door’ will stay with me forever and a day. It was so much fun learning that routine and to work with Desmonda was just a dream. Finally, I’d have to mention an off screen moment which is, some morning before filming myself and other contestants would make our way down to the beach, go for an early morning swim, have a coffee, it was just amazing.

 Q: If you came to The Theatre Cafe Diner what would your song request be and what would you order?

 I’d request anything from Anastasia and of course I’d order the MAZZ(ORELLA) MURRAY!

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