News: Lily Allen to make West End debut in world premiere play

June 10, 2021
News: Lily Allen to make West End debut in world premiere play

Lily Allen is set to make her West End debut alongside Julia Chan, Hadley Fraser and Jake Wood, in the world premiere of Danny Robins’ new play 2:22 – A Ghost Story.

Directed by Matthew Dunster, this supernatural thriller sees four friends and an adrenaline-fueled night that is guaranteed to keep audiences on the edge of their seats.

The production is set to open at the Noel Coward Theatre on 3 August.

British icon Lily Allen will appear on the West End stage for the first time, playing Jenny, with Hadley Fraser (City of Angels) as Sam, Julia Chan (Silent House and Katy Keene) as Lauren and Jake Wood (EastEnders) as Ben.

Danny Robins is best known for his hugely successful podcast The Battersea Poltergeist which is being made into a TV series.

“There’s something in our house. I hear it every night, at the same time.”

Jenny believes her new home is haunted, but her husband Sam isn’t having any of it. They argue with their first dinner guests, old friend Lauren and new partner Ben. Can the dead really walk again? Belief and scepticism clash, but something feels strange and frightening, and that something is getting closer, so they’re going to stay up… until 2:22… and then they’ll know.

2:22 – A Ghost Story features set design by Anna Fleischle, costume design by Cindy Lin, lighting design by Lucy Carter, sound by Ian Dickinson for Autograph Sound, casting by Jessica Ronane CDG and illusions by Chris Fisher.

2:22 – A Ghost Story is produced by Tristan Baker and Charlie Parsons for Runaway Entertainment, Isobel David and Kater Gordon.

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