Watch our chat with Chicago stars Sarah Soetaert & Josefina Gabrielle

Sarah Soetaert and Josefina Gabrielle

Sarah Soetaert and Josefina Gabrielle , who are currently starring as Roxie and Velma in Chicago at the Phoenix Theatre, stopped by for a chat with Nicky Sweetland.

You can watch the full interview here:

Chicago has made a welcome return to the West End and has brought the Razzle Dazzle back to town.

The dazzling multi-award-winning tale of nightclub singer Roxie Hart, her cell-block rival Velma Kelly and the smooth-talking lawyer Billy Flynn has thrilled audiences in London, Broadway and across the world from Mexico City to Moscow, from Sao Paulo to South Africa since 1996.

With the original Broadway choreography by Ann Reinking in the style of Bob Fosse and a sizzling score featuring the classing songs “Razzle Dazzle”, “Cell Block Tango” and “All That Jazz”, it’s a classic not to be missed.

Sarah and Josefina are playing opposite Oscar winner Cuba Gooding, who will be with the show until 30 June. Music and television star Martin Kemp will take over the reigns of the smooth talking lawyer Billy Flynn from Monday 2 July for a limited season until Saturday 1 September 2018.


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