News: Ordinary Days musical is streaming now

April 1, 2021
News: Ordinary Days musical is streaming now
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Ordinary Days the Musical is streaming now via The Theatre Cafe until 6 April only, with stellar reviews calling it ‘a simply but beautiful story told flawlessly’ and ‘an emotional rollercoaster expertly produced’.

A poignant show about how ordinary things are what makes life so extraordinary, Ordinary Days follows four young New-Yorkers trying to find their way: a woman who cannot let things go; a man who wants to start afresh; an artist who struggles to find his purpose; and a student who has lost her thesis notes.

Adam Gwon’s score is full of vibrant and memorable songs, which are startlingly true to life.

This is a musical for anyone who has ever struggled to appreciate the simple things in a complex place. With equal doses of humour and poignancy, it celebrates how individual stories combine in unexpected ways.  It is a show about relationships and the way in which we connect with each other and is relevant to life in any city today.

Fully-staged and filmed in a theatre, the cast includes Will Arundell (A Christmas Carol, Dominion Theatre) as Jason, Nic Myers (Back to the Future the Musical) as Claire, Joe Thompson-Oubari (Zorro The Musical, Cadogan Hall) as Warren and Bobbie Chambers as Deb.

Tickets are £15 and the musical is streaming until 6 April. Don’t miss out – read some reviews below to get a taste of what to expect!

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