News: Brand new app Audition Ready launched

October 8, 2021
News: Brand new app Audition Ready launched

Brand new app, Audition Ready, has been launched to assist children in preparing for auditions.

An educational platform for talent aged 6-16, Audition Ready provides preparation lessons from professionals throughout the industry, and is set to feature weekly exclusive creative content.

The app has also chosen charity National Youth Arts Trust.

Kerry Ellis said, “Audition Ready is a brilliant tool for young performers, I wish something like this had been around when I was starting out. Imagine having all the questions answered in one place at your fingertips , just perfect!”

A one-of-a-kind, original app, it is full of industry insider tips, with knowledge that will enable young talent to be prepared for all future possible auditions.

Audition Ready includes simple steps that can be used for casting either screen or theatre auditions. With an added feature of an “on the day” button, meaning it can be used right up until they are called into the room for the all-important audition or casting, children’s mental health is at the forefront of the concept.

The app features many hurdles that the founders believe that young talent faces, including rejections and dealing with auditions and castings for those youngsters with SEN, such as Dyslexia.

Co-founder Holly Myers said, “We are about to turn the auditioning process for children in the Performing Arts ON. ITS. HEAD. They will literally be able to utilise our app whilst waiting to be called into an audition.”

“Preparation and confidence are key in this process, we are giving these kids the best chance they have, before entering the room.”

Audition Ready has been self-funded by a dynamic team of three women, Holly Myers, Amy Sankey and Rachel Crouch.

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