News: Immersive new theatre experience offered via Zoom

November 17, 2020
News: Immersive new theatre experience offered via Zoom

​Morpheus presents Locked Down, an innovative and exhilarating new theatrical experience which offers participants the thrill of immersive theatre from the safety of their own homes.

This is a show like no other. Hosted online by live actors, Locked Down is an exclusive, interactive experience in which audiences are invited to close their eyes and let Morpheus take control as they are guided on a terrifying and imagination-bending sonic adventure.

Dystopic and nightmarish, Locked Down guides groups of up to six people – each wearing headphones and a blindfold – on a sensory journey via Zoom.

With Covid-19 restrictions currently in place throughout the world, this is the ultimate ‘night out at home’ for groups of friends or families looking for a unique and memorable party idea. As the UK continues to socially distance Locked Down allows individuals to virtually meet like-minded people and make new friends. The show is also the perfect team-building experience for workplaces whose employees are working remotely.

A clock strikes, darkness falls and the game begins… Everything depends on you!

You wake to find yourself in a strange dystopian facility. Memories distorted – a jigsaw puzzle of violence and horror. What happened here? As you explore your new surroundings, the pieces begin to slot together. There was a deadly virus. A frantic search for a cure. Mass panic. Civil unrest. Riots. A war.

There is now just one hope for civilization: you.

Can you work together to find the cure? Will you escape alive or will watch as the world descends into darkness? In this adrenalized and interactive experience, you are the star, the saviour.

Following on from the recent success of Morpheus’ first digital production All Hallow’s EveLocked Down began performances on 11 November and is open for booking now.