News: Immersive adventure Doctor Who Time Fracture announces full cast

April 20, 2021
News: Immersive adventure Doctor Who Time Fracture announces full cast
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Immersive adventure Doctor Who Time Fracture has announced a cast of 42 performers, following over 5,000 applications.

With a first preview set to commence on 26 May, the show will boast a colossal company of 86 per performance, with a cast embodying Daleks, Cybermen, Weeping Angels and a host of other well-known characters.

Doctor Who Time Fracture will feature original costumes and props from various episodes of the television series, sourced from the BBC’s props store in Cardiff. Additional items that no longer exist have been recreated in meticulous detail by some of the industry’s leading prop and costume experts.

With 17 worlds spread across a vast 2,700m square space, this production is set to immerse audience members in a complete Doctor Who experience. Putting fans at the heart of the story, the show will plunge you into a journey across space and time.

From the team behind The Great Gatsby, cast includes Angus Brown, Angus Dunican, Anouk Chalmers, Becky Bassett, Bethany Blake, Charlie Burt, Chioma Uma, Christina Andrews, Craig Hamilton, Daisy Winter-Taylor, Dare Emmanuel, Efé Egwele, Ellamae Cieslik, Elliot Rodriguez, Gareth Radcliffe, Georgia Redgrave, Harry Pudwell, Hayden Wood, Howard Grater, Ivy Corbin, Jamal Renaldo, James Bryant, James Byng, James Lawrence, Jenny Horsthuis, Jessica Elton, Jessica Hern, John Sodiq Akanmu, Kieran Mortell, Liv Spencer, Max Krupski, Maxwell Tyler, Megan Louise Wilson, Michael Geary, Molly Walker, Paul Collin-Thomas, Paul Croft, Paul Easom, Ricky Hunt, Ricky Shah, Ryan Ruel and Sam Blythe.

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