We had coffee and cake with star of The Grinning Man, Louis Maskell


What do you order when you go into a café?

I’d order a glass of tap water and a paket of crisps

Cake or cookie?

I’m vegan now so it’s tricky but its got to be cake

Favourite musical?

This is going to be a bit weird, and I wouldn’t say it’s my favourite now, but it’s what got me into theatre and it’s Saturday Night Fever at the Palladium.

Childhood idol?

Adam Garcia

Pre-show ritual?

I wouldn’t say I do any of those weird kind of quirks. I just leave myself a lot of time. I don’t like getting to the theatre 10 minutes before the half, I get there like an hour before.

Bucket list role?

I really don’t know about now. As a child it was obviously Tony Manero but I don’t want to do that anymore. Anything original really. I’d quite like to play George in Sunday in the Park with George. I’d like to do a Sondheim I think.

Singing, dancing or acting?

I like singing but I only like it when I’m performing. I don’t really sing around the house. I’d probably say acting.

Favourite showtune?

When I was younger I really liked The Lord of the Rings and I’d probably say “The Song of Hope”.

Favourite chill time activity?

I like playing video games. I’ve been known to lose hours of my life playing Football Manger.

Baking or cooking?


The Grinning Man opens at Trafalgar Studios on 6 December.