News: Ben Turner and Evelyn Hoskins to appear in livestream of The Barn

April 16, 2021
News: Ben Turner and Evelyn Hoskins to appear in livestream of The Barn

Evelyn Hoskins (Waitress) and Ben Turner (The Kite Runner) are set to star in Paul Bradshaw and Naomi Miller’s The Barn, livestreamed via on Friday 7 May from The Turbine Theatre.

Directed by Bradshaw (Fiver) and produced by Tanya Truman with, The Barn is a thriller set deep in Texas in 1983.

We meet an isolated Joe, early 50s, as a storm threatens to damage his dilapidated home. Joe warily welcomes Lucy, a stranded and nervous stranger. As the night unfolds, and the storm rages, they take comfort in each other’s company until dark secrets from their pasts are revealed…

Miller said, “The idea for the play came to us over drinks during quite a dramatic storm on a hot summer night a couple of years ago. Once lockdown began in March 2020 we found that we finally had the time to work on the piece. We wrote the play in weekly sessions over Zoom and have held several readings including one funded by ACE using actors from the Criterion New Writing ensemble.”

Bradshaw said, “It feels right to initially bring the piece to life in a virtual setting. Our future aim is to bring an expansive full-scale production to life, and we’d like to use this opportunity to meet collaborators in order to make that a reality. Rather than sending drafts of the play out to venues hoping they’ll want to put it on, we figured we’d make an event of it. The cast are incredible and we can’t wait to get in a rehearsal room and play.”

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